Carnival 2015 3

Here is a look back to Carnival 2015.

Yet again we had a fantastic time with so many children and adults joining in with the fun.

Team VTC rocking the International Women’s Day Purple color for carnival.

Team VTC Carnival 2015

Carnival 2015 8Carnival 2015 9Carnival 2015 10


Featuring our very individual Fred and Wilma Flinstone .

On the first day the carnival proceeds from VTC and follows the road up to the Psar Leu (The Market) winding its way through the streets followed by the floats and hundreds of children singing, dancing and cheering behind. So as you can imagine carnival fever is at it’s highest here before we set off. All the walkers are given water which was this year very kindly donated by our local supermarket, Samudera.

Carnival 2015 3

Carnival 2015 7Carnival 2015 5


As you can see our floats look fantastic and are a great place for local business’s to show their support for this annual event. We are really lucky to have such great sponsors like Ezecom, ANZ Royal Cambodia Airport and ATS. We are already planning to make next year even better so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a float contact us by emailing

Once the walks have finished an evening’s entertainment ensues with local bands performing way into the evening. This part is great for the older youth and adults to enjoy too. Again all the donors logo’s are shown on stage so that the public can see which of the business’s care about our community event.

Carnival evening

We are always lucky enough to have other organizations join us. This year I saw kids for the Good Will School, LUC and Pour un Sourer d’Enfant. I am sure there will have been more but as you can imagine its a wee bit chaotic!

Pour un Sourire d'Enfant Good will school LUC

On the last day everyone jumps on to a motorized vehicle and with our police escort we parade around the streets of Sihanoukville. We go past victory beach area through downtown and up the very popular Ochheateal beach. All in all this takes about 3 hours and when we finish the children are rewarded with a lovely snack.

Carnival 2015 2

Roll on 2016.



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