Palm Sugar Delight


Tapang’s has two stores in Sihanoukville. Our first shop on Serendipity Beach Road and the other in Sandan, a vocational training center run by M’Lop Tapang. Sandan trains youth from the ages of 15 to 23yrs the skills needed to get a good job in Sihanoukville. As a predominately tourist led town Sihanoukville has plenty of restaurants all in need of trained kitchen and front of house staff and the program has been very successful with our graduate placements.


Tapang’s in Sandan is a small outlet selling the best sellers from our range. Included is a range of edible products inspired by the delicious food Sandan has to offer and sourced locally.


Here we have Palm sugar which is a mouthwatering alternative to cane sugar. For all of you who have purchased a packet here is a great little recipe from Sandan’s menu for you to try at home. Its so simple and tastes wonderful drizzled over ice cream.





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