Happy Khmer New Year


Happy Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year is a very important date in the calendar. Its a time when a lot of business’s close to allow their employees the chance to return home so that they can celebrate with their families.

If you have ever visited Cambodia in April you will know how hot, dusty and humid it is. The sun seems to drain your energy. So it is no surprise that the tradition at Khmer New Year is to have a water fight. As usual its not just any water fight the tubs are filled with ice, so that its super cold and once everyone is suitably wet out comes the talcum powder.


Here at the Vocational Training center we are keeping up with traditions. Our team of teachers, students, producers and their kids all join in the fun. This is the result a lot of happy faces and very cool.


M’Lop Tapang closes it’s doors also so that the wonderful staff can also enjoy time with their family. Most of the programs close for a week including Tapang’s shops and Sandan. Our ChildSafe Hotline 012 478100 stays open as do the residential centers.


KNY 2                    KNY 1


We also enjoy huge celebrations with a daytime party filled with games and fun. Plus an evening do with great food and dancing.

IMG_3059 IMG_3058

Happy Khmer New Year everyone! Have fun.




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