Welcome to Tapang's

Meet the producers

Homebased Mother 

“It was very hard” she says “Sometimes I could find the things on the street to collect and sell but when I could not find anything I had no money. When I met the M’Lop Tapang people they told me ‘you don’t have to do this’ and told me about this training program””

Who They Are

Our producers are Cambodian parents of former street children living in Sihanoukville, who want to provide for and protect their children. They have joined the Home Based Production program run by M’Lop Tapang in order to learn the skills needed to make products and therefore have a reliable income which enables them to care for their family.

What We Do

We hand make quality, unique products which are designed by our team based at the Vocational Training Center (VTC1). The producers are trained at the M’Lop Tapang VTC1 by Sophorn, where they learn all the necessary skills needed. Once the training is completed they return to their homes to work, where they can look after their kids and make sure they attend school. The producers are equipped with all the machinery and materials needed at no cost to the producer.

Where it goes

Tapang’s is a not for profit venture. All profit is reinvested into the HomeBased production program any extra is used to support the Vocational Training Center 1, where youth from 15-23yrs are taught viable skills to arm them with the ability to become independent members of our community. Our aim is to raise enough income from selling our merchandise to completely fund the Vocational Training Center 1, so that we become independent from donors and sustainable.

Vocational Training Center

Why Buy from Us?

We pride ourselves that our products are exclusively created and designed by either our team here or by Cambodian designers.

Our Home Based production is a ChildSafe program, ensuring that adults not children make the products so their children can be well cared for.

Producers are paid fairly for the merchandise that they hand make. Our producers have a guaranteed  income, if they make it to our quality standards, we buy it.

All the children whose parents are on the Home Based Production program are monitored and are either involved in the many learning and recreational activities at M’Lop Tapang or in public school.

We have a very strict quality control team. Our producers have learnt the benefits of creating a quality piece, this gives them a sense of achievement and pride as well as a product we can sell with confidence.

Buying this product means you are not only receiving an item that will bring a smile to your face, it will bring a smile to many here in Cambodia. All profits are put back into the programs.

Our Ranges

Accessories Made With Beautiful Fabrics

Our fabric range consists of many beautiful products handmade using attractive fabrics in a wide range of patterns and colors. The range comprises of handbags, purses and covers for most electronic devices.

We have developed good buying relationships with fabric sellers in Phnom Penh over the eight years that we have been trading. Our suppliers stock changes every time due to their reliance on end of line fabric. This means our products benefit from these constant variations transforming our products on a monthly basis. It does however mean repeat orders are nearly impossible.

Gorgeous Products Made From Trash.

It’s amazing what you can make from trash that people throw on the floor. We wanted to help our local community with the amount of trash they manage every day. The trash is laminated and then sewn into a fun, functional wallets .

This range includes Wallets, Purses and Slim Cases, all lined with fabric to keep your valuables unscratched.

Recycled Amazing Merchandise.

On a beach clean up we were amazed by how many used drinking straws end up on our shores here in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Once back at the Vocational Training Center we designed this straw range to help combat this problem.

Our Coasters and Placemats are made from wrapping cut recycled noodle packets around used and cleaned drinking straws. They are then expertly made into a fantastic unique products that can be used for warm or cold tableware. We have also made a strong grocery bag which will help the buyer assist in lowering the use of plastic bags in their own community.